Cultivate Coffee & Taphouse
Address: 307 N River St Ypsilanti, MI, 48198
Email Address:
Phone: 734-249-8993
About Us
Cultivate is a community space in Ypsilanti that is obsessed with crafting excellent products and experiences, works to be a safe and inspiring community for all, and invests in causes and people we believe in.
We begin with the simple goal of discovering an awesome coffee every time we create a new roast.

There is a world of flavor inside the coffee before it is roasted– developed at origin and defined during processing. We respect and develop the flavors of each coffee, and we don't stop until we have a roast that we believe showcases the full potential of that coffee. We always aim for round, juicy coffees with a balance of acidity and sweetness.

Our coffee gives you something to think about.