Zilke Vegetable Farm
Contact: Tom and Vicki Zilke
Address: 12491 Carpenter Road Milan, MI, 48160
Email Address:
Phone: 734-508-7033
About Us
Tom and Vicki Zilke own and operate Zilke Vegetable Farm at 12491 Carpenter Road in Milan, just north of the US23 overpass, in the former Jorgenson Farm Market.

Together they tend 32 acres of land and raise a variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and summer fruits for sale at the seasonal FarmStand, for use in their Zilke Farm Kitchen, and for customers throughout the southeast Michigan area. They also serve as the local source for Michigan's finest fruits and vegetables such as blueberries and peaches. They are committed to growing healthy food without chemicals and GMOs. They also offer a Sunflower Festival, a U-pick pumpkin patch, and Christmas Tree sales.
The foundation for healthy plants is healthy soil. We strive to grow strong, healthy crops by stimulating soil biology, growing cover crops to build soil structure, using innovative methods of pest control, and participating in innovative organic research projects on weed management.

Our commitment to safe food starts with the way we plant, grow, harvest, inspect, wash, handle, package, and deliver our freshly-picked produce. We have taken the initiative to develop and implement a rigorous food safety system on our farm to ensure that we are providing the safest possible produce. Food safety begins with staff education, and follows into the fields with attention to detail and maintaining a clean field environment. This includes scouting for any potential problems in the field (deer, birds) and noting their impact on the crops. During harvest, it means scrubbing hands, harvest knives, and totes; sanitizing our Washing and Packing Rooms; quickly hydrating and cooling crops in clean water; and packing each item in clean produce bins for storage at the proper temperature in our coolers.