Simple Pleasures
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About Us
You have a sweet tooth but have a hard time satisfying your cravings because of allergies, religious beliefs, or health choices. My brother was facing this same dilemma when he started his bachelors program at the University of Michigan. His stress level increased simultaneously with his cravings for sweets. The reason this was concerning to me was that he was a strict vegetarian that did not eat eggs, which limited the types of deserts he could get his hands on. In turn, he would not be able to enjoy the experience of studying those long hours at a coffee house eating the decadent desserts with a hot cup of joe, which were some of my fondest memories of college.

Me being the terrific and most fabulous sister in the world (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). I decided to do some alternative baking. I began making him desserts that were eggless but still very tasty. My family and friends loved them so much that they convinced me to expand my selection as well as display them at Earthen Jar (my family’s restaurant). In 2009 I started marketing my vegan and eggless baked goods at the restaurant, while still working my full time job. After 2 years of successful sales I am now venturing out to provide healthy bake goods for those who have changing lifestyles. Now I am starting my own business which would provide items that are gluten free, vegan, eggless, and sugar free.

Just because your diet changes does not mean you have to miss out on life’s simple pleasures. Try some of my tempting and tasty desserts, such as the mouthwatering brownie bites or the ever delicious orange crème cupcakes. Not in the mood for sweets, my line of homemade breads - banana nut, zucchini and cinnamon raison might do the trick. I aim to please, so if you have any questions about ingredients or suggestions for new products feel free to contact me at