Prospect Hill Farm
Contact: Ami and Ijme Zijlstra
Address: Grass Lake, Michigan Grass Lake, Mi, 49240
Email Address:
Phone: 734-649-2969
About Us
Who We Are:
Hello, we are Ijme and Ami Zijlstra, the owners of Prospect Hill Farm and Y&L Cow Care and Hoof Trimming.
I am from Washtenaw County, Michigan, and have a BS in Education. My husband, Ijme, is from Fryslan, Netherlands, and is a 4th generation dairy farmer. We transitioned from Ijme's cow dairy operation in 2017, to build our new farm on 15 acres of vacant land. This is our first year selling through markets and directly to consumers. We love it!

What We Do:
Currently, we raise and sell chicken, duck, and turkey.
We milk Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and sell frozen goat milk (for non-human consumption only), to use for making goat-milk skincare products and soap. (We might open a goat-milk herd-share in 2021.)
We have a small beef herd and will begin selling beef in 2021.
We breed and raise Friesian horses.
We teach agriculture education through a mobile program. We bring the animals to you!
Contact us If your group, family, or school is interested in learning more about our lessons and program.
Farm Practices:
We do not use chemicals of any kind on our pastures or land. Our animals are all pastured and supplemented with organic garden scraps and conventional grain. We have looked into organic feed, but at this time, it is not financially feasible for our small-scale operation. Our land has been untouched by chemicals for at least a couple of decades, from what we understand from its ownership history.
We use solar power for our fencing and plan to expand our solar program to our barn and milking parlor in the future. We make as much of our own hay as we can and hoping to be able to fully supply our own feed by next year.
Our poultry begins in large brooders in the barn, then they are moved to outdoor mobile "tractors" that are moved daily to fresh grass. Our turkeys roam free around the farm during the day and are put back into their mobile shelter or inside the barn, each night.
Our dairy goats spend most of their days free to roam around the 15 acres of woods, hills, and pastures, along with Travis (our pet turkey), the cats, the dogs, horses, cows, and us, while we work. At night, they sleep in the safety of the barn.
We pay close attention to each animal. Their physical and emotional well-being is very important to us. Our farm is new and evolving, therefore improvements to our facilities and overall operation are ongoing.