DawnBreaker Coffee
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About Us
Founded in January 2018 by Tom Atkinson, DawnBreaker Coffee is dedicated to small-batch craft-roasted high-quality coffee that tastes excellent. All of our coffee is craft-roasted, meaning no automation, no pre-programmed machines, just human skill and artistry. DawnBreaker Coffee’s coffee roaster, Tom Atkinson, has roasted coffee for many years, and trained in roasting at both Anacafe (The Guatemalan National Coffee Association), and SCA-certified coffee training at Mill City Roasters in Minneapolis.

Started in Tom's backyard shed, next inside a bakery in the Waterloo Recreation Area in Chelsea, now DawnBreaker Coffee's roastery is located in downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan, in front of the farmer's market at 16 S. Washington. Stop in to smell the coffee and say hi!