Bird Dog Baking
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About Us
At Bird Dog Baking, we think it’s time to invite grains to the farm-to-table movement. Our baked goods use 100% organically grown, stone-milled flour all grown in Michigan and Northern Illinois. We believe in baking using traditional methods and ingredients. All of our breads are slowly and naturally fermented with our sourdough starter and we use a diverse range of whole grains in everything we bake. We source our ingredients locally as much as possible with a focus on supporting regenerative and ethical farms in the area. We know that healthy soil ecosystems grow the most nutrient-dense foods and we are thrilled to bring those foods to you.
Bird Dog Baking Co. is a testament to our passion for the craft of old-school, honest baking, coupled with a responsibility to source locally, ethically and sustainably. We work closely with farmers who share these goals to ensure the health of Michigan's beautiful landscapes and waterways. At Bird Dog, we strive to turn better ingredients into better food to strengthen and nourish our community.

Naturally sourdough fermented for a minimum of 22 hours
100% Organic, Stone-milled flour
Whole grains, diverse grains
Locally grown grains and produce
Ethical + humane dairy ingredients
Source direct from farmers using regenerative, environmentally responsible practices on their diversified farms