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About Us
Welcome to Flo’s Bakery – – where tradition tastes good.

There’s something timeless about home-made recipes handed down through the generations that always sparks a fond, heart-warming memory. Whether it’s the anxious child waiting to lick the whisks of the mixer that blended frosting for a birthday cake, the teenager who wants no part of the process yet can’t keep their fingers out of the bowl, to the adult singing their finger on the hot pan because they can’t wait until temperatures cool, the aromas and visual memories of those fresh-baked cookies, pastries, and breads fire up the senses in a way that makes the tummy growl and the mouth water just reminiscing about it.

Meet Dara O’Regan, Owner and Chief Baker of Flo’s.

Inspired by her own tummy growling, mouthwatering, whisk licking experiences of times spent in her great-grandmother’s kitchen, Dara has pulled together a growing collection of traditional bakery favorites, old and new, perfecting the spirit of home-made, memory-making deliciousness for everyone to enjoy.

Who’s Flo? Dara’s Great-Grandmother, Florence O’Regan.

Born in 1918 and likely baking just as long, Flo is the inspiration fueling Dara’s passion of traditional home-made treats. Flo is best known and beloved for two things: Her generosity and her baking chops. A loving, selfless woman, she routinely gave away what she baked. Everyone got a little something delicious from Flo – – even the dentist.

Flo left us in October of 2015 at 97-years-old. She was tickled pink to know that Dara had continued baking with her recipes and created a business based around her.