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Washtenaw Meats
Address: 5420 Farrell Rd Dexter, MI, 48130
Phone: 906-869-0372
About Us
Washtenaw Meats is on a mission to reinvigorate the local livestock and meat system. Collectively owned and operated by @nkidsfarm, @dancercreek, and @sabbathfarmer, Washtenaw Meats aggregates supply and demand of local, pasture raised meats, and connects all the dots in between. Families, chefs, and store managers can buy meat that aligns with their values from farmers they know and trust year round. Farmers can access a bigger, more consistent market, plus cold storage, transportation, knowledge, Processors can rely on a steady, scheduled, reliable stream of animals. By working together, we're smoothing the path to a more resilient food system that cares for the land, animals, and people.
Humanely raised, rotationally grazed on pastured, supplemented with non-gmo feeds from the local mill