Sage Roots
Contact: Bindumati Sakhi Devi Dasi & Ekanti Govinda Das
Address: 7801 Arkona Milan, MI, 48160
Phone: 734-829-7627
About Us
Sage Roots is a thriving non-profit, local farm deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability and community. Committed to the production of deliciously crisp, sustainably grown vegetables, Sage Roots aims to provide the community with an unparalleled experience of living food.

At Sage Roots, our mission is clear: to cultivate and deliver vegetables that are not only fresh but also bursting with flavor and loaded with essential nutrients. We take pride in our sustainable farming practices, prioritizing organic methods, and minimizing our ecological footprint. Through meticulous attention to soil health, water conservation, and natural pest management, we ensure that our produce is grown in harmony with the environment.

What sets Sage Roots apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering the freshest vegetables to our customers. We believe that true flavor and nutritional value can only be achieved when produce is harvested at the peak of ripeness and delivered to your table within hours. By cutting out the long distribution chain, we guarantee that every bite of our vegetables is packed with unmatched freshness and deliciousness.

But Sage Roots is more than just a farm; we are a vibrant community hub. We actively engage with our customers, hosting farm-to-table events, educational workshops, and volunteering opportunities. We believe that fostering a deeper connection between people and their food is crucial for building a healthier, more sustainable future.

As a non-profit organization, Sage Roots reinvests its resources back into the farm, continuously expanding our impact on the community. We are proud to be a catalyst for positive change, supporting local food security initiatives, collaborating with other like-minded organizations, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

When you choose Sage Roots, you are not only getting the freshest, most delicious vegetables; you are also supporting a movement towards a healthier and more sustainable food system. Join us in celebrating the vibrant flavors of our land, reconnecting with the source of our nourishment, and sowing the seeds of a brighter future.
At Sage Roots Farm, we are passionate about delivering vegetables that not only taste amazing but also provide optimal health benefits. We have taken a unique approach to cultivation, harnessing the power of sound and vibration to enhance the growth and well-being of our produce.

Our commitment to holistic farming practices led us to implement consistent 432 Hz sound and mantra vibration immersion during the growing periods inside our greenhouses. This intentional use of sound and vibration creates an environment where our vegetables thrive, promoting optimal growth and vitality. By harmonizing with the natural frequencies of the universe, we believe that our vegetables absorb positive energy, resulting in enhanced flavors and nutritional value.

In addition to our sound and vibration immersion, we prioritize organic practices throughout our farming process. From seed selection to soil enrichment, we employ organic methods that prioritize the health of both our crops and the environment. By eschewing synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms, we ensure that our vegetables are pure, natural, and free from harmful chemicals.

At Sage Roots, we embrace a holistic approach to pest management. Rather than relying on harsh chemicals, we employ natural and sustainable methods to maintain a balanced ecosystem. By implementing companion planting, crop rotation, and beneficial insect habitats, we create an environment that naturally prevents and manages pests, ensuring the health and vitality of our vegetables.

We take great pride in delivering produce that not only nourishes the body but also the soul. Our commitment to providing a truly holistic growing experience, incorporating sound and vibration immersion, organic practices, and holistic pest management, sets us apart. When you choose Sage Roots Farm, you can trust that every bite of our vegetables offers not only exceptional flavor but also the inherent benefits of a harmonious and sustainable approach to farming.

Join us on this unique journey of cultivating vegetables that resonate with the natural rhythms of life, where taste, health, and sustainability converge. Experience the difference that comes from nourishing your body with vegetables grown with love, intention, and the power of sound