Big Dreams Small Greens
Address: 567 Glenwood Ave Ypsilanti, MI, 48198
Phone: 734-474-8926
About Us
Our mission is to grow substaniable microgreens locally, naturally, and pesticide free. Our greens are grown in Coco Coir, which is naturally a sterile substrate, keeping your microgreens the way Mother Nature intended. Growing our way allows those whom are immunocompromised the ability to enjoy vegetables without the risk of added unnecessary chemicals and bacteria. I began my business to help support my mother and her fight on Breast Cancer. How you may ask was this helping? Microgreen Broccoli ounce to ounce is 40% more nutritious then the actual Broccoli florets. They also contains sulforaphane which is proven to fight cancer, help with management of Diabetes, High Blood Preasure, heart disease, and inflammation and much much more. Microgreens contain Polyphenols which are plant-based substances with antioxidant properties. Scientific evidence shows that polyphenols may improve how well you think and reason and even prevent or delay the beginning of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. With all the amazing health benefits, I did not even address the amazing flavors, textures, and colors of the mighty Microgreens, to enhance your culinary experience. Now, we continue growing to support the local community to allow the same opportunity to promote heath and fall in love with my "Small Greens," and together, we will achieve Big Dreams.