Hobby Gardening
Contact: Alvaro Perez
City: Ypsilanti Township, MI, 48198
About Us
Hobby Gardening is a small gardening business based on Ypsilanti Township since 2022, focused on producing rare varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers without any synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. They grow and sell vegetable products that can’t bee found at any grocery
stores, from purple peppers to stripped tricolor tomatoes, and craft their one- of-a-kind tea blends with the herbs and flowers grown in their small, but very productive, plots in Ypsilanti.
When the Christmas season gets closer, and the vegetable season gets to an end, they transform their teas into gift-worthy handmade wooden tea boxes and their herbs into incenses and salves. Besides participating as a vendor at several farmers markets in the area, they
enjoy exchanging knowledge and products with other small gardeners, farmers and neighbors.

No dig, Regenerative gardening.