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Harvest Kitchen
Contact: Tantre Farms
Address: 4175 Whitmore Lake Ann Arbor, Mi, 48105
Phone: 810-333-3529
About Us
Harvest Kitchen is a Chef driven farm to table, locally sourced, ready to eat home delivery service, USDA inspected local retail market supplier of ready to eat food, and an active member of the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. We produce only the finest local healthy food available from local and organic farms, and deliver it personally to homes of families, new mom's, and those recovering from illness or surgeries.
Harvest Kitchen has a deep collaboration and sourcing partnership with Tantre Farm in Chelsea, Michigan inspiring seasonal and delicious chef driven menus that care for people and the planet. Farm to table. Please visit our instagram for photos of our food and our Ann Arbors Farmers Market booth, (linked through our website