Detroit Flight Path Farm
Contact: Kimberly Williams-Guillen
Address: 32725 SIBLEY RD Romulus, MI, 48174
Phone: 734-992-7369
About Us
At Detroit Flight Path Farms, we believe that farming has the potential to make our environment and our communities better. Agroecology has the power to transform how we farm, and the principle of food sovereignty to transform how we eat. Founded by two Ph.D. wildlife biologists, our goal is to our knowledge to the design of a sustainable, profitable agroforestry system that improves soil quality, sequesters carbon, and champions the preservation of heritage livestock and heirloom crops. Our farm is located in Wayne county, just 30 minutes from downtown Detroit and 35 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor. We purchased our farm in 2017 -- we have 40 acres of land, including 13 acres of oak forest. Our fields comprise 25 acres, most of which are leased out to another farmer whose family raises row crops. However, we have begun the process of transforming our land to a perennial-based agroforestry system in a 2.5 acre parcel, where we have planted almost 500 native fruit and nut trees.
We are beginning farmers working to build an ecologically sustainable silvopastoral system for rearing pastured pork. We have a herd of 10-20 pigs belonging to heritage breeds (Mulefoot, Mangalitsa, Berkshire, and crosses of those breeds). We raise our pigs, chickens, and meat rabbits on pasture, allowing them to forage for their own food and supplementing their diet with a low-GMO mix of grains and seeds. We also feed our animals heritage field corn grown organically on our farm, squashes, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables grown on the farm (including apples and pears from our small orchard). We incorporate spent brewers grain, fruit and vegetable pulp from a juice producer, and unwanted produce and bread from a local food bank into their diets. We use agroecological methods on our farm and are currently managing it largely in accordance with organic criteria. We are in the process of obtaining MAEAP environmental certification for livestock production and for wildlife habitat on our farm, and are also working towards becoming certified animal welfare approved.

Organic/biological methods used on my property:
- Rotational grazing
- Intercropping
- Agroforestry
- Silvopastoral management
- Alley cropping

Composting, Conservation, Crop rotation, Ecological farming, Grazing management, Livestock management, Low stress animal handling, No-till agriculture, Pasture management, Pastured animals, Regenerative, Without chemicals or pesticides

Cats, Chickens, Dogs, Pigs, Rabbits

Products made:
Animal feed, Tree fruits, Biochar, Compost, Eggs, Meat products, Soaps