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Contact: Susan Crysler
Address: 9601 Joseph Campau St. Hamtramck, MI, 48212
Phone: 313-694-4439
About Us
Srodek’s Campau Quality Sausage Co. is a third-generation family-owned and operated business located in the heart of the immigrant community of Hamtramck. We specialize in an excellent selection of homemade and import products that are rich in tradition and quality. Since our opening in 1981, the demographics of the city have shifted, a great amount of the Polish and European community moved to the suburbs of Metro Detroit. We see this as a great opportunity to provide our products to those that have moved outside of Hamtramck. There are a limited number of authentic Polish and European markets in the area and there is a high customer demand for our homemade products.
We are known for the excellence of our food products. When someone mentions Srodek’s, they automatically think quality. We use the best cuts of meat and the freshest ingredients.

We are the producers and manufacturers of our products. This makes us stand-out in comparison to other similar markets, which import all of their smoked meat from Chicago, Illinois. We carry on the traditions of our Polish heritage in the way we prepare and make our homemade food products.

In addition to store-made pierogi, soup, and cake by the pound, Srodek’s also carries locally manufactured Dearborn lunch meat and imports from Poland.