Nutty Biscotti
Address: 9 S. Adams St Ypsilanti, MI, 48197
About Us
Nutty Biscotti is a minority, woman owned and family operated business based in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

After 20 years of making biscotti for family and friends --and a stint in stores in Guatemala City-- our chef-owner decided to take the leap to go into business full-time, as a way of sharing her treasured biscotti of different flavors with the world, and enabling her children --her budding entrepreneurs-- to learn about the exciting world of business!

The interest in our Nutty Biscotti has been impressive! So much so, that we have now moved out of our home kitchen and into Growing Hope Incubator Kitchen, to be able to offer our treasure to more people via shipping, retail stores and restaurants!
We have a Triple Bottom Line business model, working for People, Planet, and Profit. We value each person's dignity and hope that working with us will be another stepping stone in becoming the best version of themselves, while serving our shoppers with a little piece of heaven in biscotti shape.

We source local ingredients as much as possible, and we strive to utilize sustainable packaging and production practices. We appreciate the seasonality of our earth and incorporate seasonal flavors in our rotation.

Nutty Biscotti is part of LFMH, LLC. LFMH stands for “Land flowing with milk and honey,” taken from Exodus 3:8. Our name reflects on the promise that we have in God and our love for him, as well as each other. We delight in knowing that all our blessings come from Him and He has a perfect plan for us.

We put lots of love and careful thought into all we do and hope you enjoy your Nutty Biscotti, and share the experience with others.