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Bee Present Honey
Contact: Rebecca Wittekindt
Address: 7250 Fosdick Saline, MI, 48176
Phone: 734-717-4175
About Us
Our mission at Bee Present Honey is to bring the importance of bees and other pollinators to the community. We strive to educate about the fascinating aspects of the honey bee in a fun, exciting way.

When it comes to our bee derived products, we always source our bee made components from our own apiaries. This way we can know the purity of our products. Other ingredients are from sources that share our sustainable and renewable philosophies. We also make choices on our packaging to limit all single use plastics, use recycled materials, and choose compostable or recyclable items whenever possible.

We partner with local artisans who hand-make and create beautiful and useful creations to share with our community of like minded people.

We follow the strategy and importance of triple bottom line to measure our degree of social responsibility, our economic value and our environmental impact. Triple bottom line: People, Planet, & Profit.
Bee Present Honey is a beekeeping and Education business. We keep hives all over Washtenaw County, Michigan to produce the best possible local products from the hive. From honey and beeswax to health and beauty, bee derived products are truly beneficial in so many ways. Our apiaries are always chemical free.

We also do community outreach teaching about the important jobs bees have in our lives. Pollination, the healing properties of bee products, and of course the joy of honey. We teach about what beekeepers do and the relationship we have with our bees.

Thanks From Our Family to Yours,
Rebecca, Owen, and Xander