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Pott Farms, L3C
Contact: Robbin Pott
Address: 12280 Bunton Rd Willis, MI, 48191
Phone: 734-904-2126
About Us
Pott Farms is a regenerative hemp farm that is certified USDA Organic and is dedicated to responsibly producing great CBD products, including hemp flower and topical CBD. We are a mission-driven low-profit limited liability company (L3C) from Willis, Michigan and our work is grounded in our commitment to social, economic and environmental justice. In addition to improving the soil with our farming methods and growing the best hemp buds, our farm provides supportive job training opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We partner with area social service agencies to recruit participants and to provide social work support while they are working at the farm.
What does it mean to us to be regenerative? It means that our systems are designed to restore rather than deplete our resources and to fairly distribute the fruits of our work.

We are committed to:

Our environment - we cultivate living soil for the healthiest plants and planet.
Our community - we create job opportunities for youth from areas hardest hit by cannabis prohibition.
Our customers - we carefully hand-trim and slow-cure our best hemp flower, and craft small batches of full spectrum CBD products that make you feel good.

We believe that a company can be a wise steward of our resources, care for the people who both produce and consume our products, and fairly distribute the wealth that it generates.