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Conscious Living Brand
City: West Bloomfield , MI, 48322
About Us
Welcome to Conscious Living by AriReniece, where we're dedicated to adding profound value to your journey of balance, well-being, and self-discovery.

**Who We Are:**

Conscious Living by AriReniece is more than a crystal brand. We are creators crystal jewelry and accessories designed to elevate your style and amplify your spiritual journey. We're a brand that believes in the power of conscious living, holistic wellness, and eco-conscious practices.

As a trademarked and officially branded woman-owned business, we take pride in our commitment to authenticity, quality, and a deeper connection to conscious, mindful living with elegance."

Conscious Living Brand has gained experience and validation in several key areas:

1. **Artistic Expertise:** The brand's products, including copper-soldered crystal jewelry and other holistic items, are designed by Ariel, showcasing a high level of artistic skill and craftsmanship.

2. **Trademark Registration:** Conscious Living by AriReniece is officially trademarked by the USPTO, demonstrating legal recognition and protection of the brand's name and offerings.

3. **Retail Success:** The brand has successfully operated in various retail environments, from online sales to in-store experiences, pop-up shops, and wholesale partnerships. Notable achievements include holiday store pop-ups at well-known malls and festivals.

Overall, Conscious Living Brand's experience and validation are evident through its artistic excellence, legal recognition, successful retail endeavors, participation in a reputable entrepreneurial program, and featuring in a prominent store in downtown Detroit. These achievements reflect the brand's commitment to conscious living and holistic wellness.

Conscious Living Brand offers a diverse range of holistic and spiritually-inspired products, specializes in holistic and spiritually-inspired products, particularly crystal jewelry, crowns, waist beads, artisanal pipes, and shower heads. Their products are carefully designed to support conscious living and holistic well-being.

Conscious Living Brand addresses several problems and challenges by offering holistic and spiritually-inspired products:

1. **Stress and Well-Being:** Many people experience high levels of stress and a lack of overall well-being in their lives. Conscious Living Brand's products, such as crystal jewelry and artisanal pipes, can aid in relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness, helping individuals manage stress and improve their overall sense of well-being.

2. **Connection and Spirituality:** In our fast-paced, modern world, individuals may feel disconnected from their spiritual or inner selves. Items like crystal crowns and waist beads can serve as tools for connecting with one's spiritual side and embracing a deeper sense of self.

3. **Mindfulness and Holistic Wellness:** The brand's offerings, including shower heads infused with crystals, encourage mindfulness and holistic wellness. These products provide an opportunity for individuals to incorporate wellness practices into their daily routines, promoting a balanced and conscious lifestyle.

4. **Unique and Meaningful Accessories:** Many people seek unique and meaningful accessories that express their individuality and beliefs. Conscious Living Brand provides products that are not only aesthetically appealing but also carry spiritual and holistic significance, allowing customers to express themselves in a meaningful way.

By addressing these issues, Conscious Living Brand supports individuals in their journey towards a more balanced, connected, and conscious way of living.

**Our Customers/ Avatar:**

Our customers are a diverse group united by their pursuit of a holistic, conscious lifestyle. They include spiritual seekers on a path of self-discovery, fashion enthusiasts who appreciate unique and handcrafted elegance, holistic wellness enthusiasts seeking balance and energy alignment, yoga and meditation practitioners who integrate crystals into their practices, and thoughtful gift shoppers looking for meaningful and distinctive presents. We also partner with wholesale retailers, eco-conscious consumers, wellness professionals, and local communities who value authenticity and sustainability.

Conscious Living by AriReniece is more than a brand; it's a movement that empowers you to embrace mindfulness, and wear your spirituality elegantly. Join us on this journey and experience the value of conscious living today.