Wonderland Cookies
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About Us
I bake a variety of cookies. My main product is decorated sugar cookies. I mix and bake my cookies in my home following ServSafe procedures. I make the dough and roll it out. I make it all in the required safe handling time frame. I print out cookie cutters on my 3D printer if they are needed. Wash and sanitize all of my utensils before I cut out the dough or weigh out the dough and bake. I then will box up cookies using washed and gloved hands and either decorate cookies, package and label cookies, or freeze cookies until needed. I will decorate and package cookies using gloves and replacing gloves and washing hands when I leave my work area and washing my hands and putting on new gloves when I return to my work station. Once cookies are packaged I will box them up to give to the customer. My cello bags are certified back yard compostable and made entirely of plant material. I love baking cookies that bring back memories for people and create new ones for them to enjoy. I love when people bite into a cookie and they say this is like the cookie my grandma use to make. I also like to create art with my sugar cookies. Seeing someone bite into one of my decorated cookies and their eyes light up with joy is why I bake and sell my cookies.