Greenfinger Farms
Contact: Pete Schermerhorn
Address: 14 Jay Lee Ct Ann Arbor, MI, 48108
Phone: 734-276-7199
About Us
Although a gardener for 30 years, I waited until late in life to become a commercial farmer. I like trying unusual things, like heirloom tomatoes, odd potatoes and colorful peppers and beans. My main focus, though, is garlic.

My goal is to trial as many different kinds of garlic in our local soils and climate, to see which ones do well. After the first year, I can already rule some varieties out!

I have more than 150 varieties to plant this fall, including almost all of the varieties I currently sell. I'll add a few new varieties every year to 'spice' things up. I appreciate feedback on what works (and what doesn't) for you.

- - Pete Schermerhorn, Greenfinger