Guiltless Pleasures
Contact: Patricia Billette & Alexander Birk
Address: 413 S Huron St Apartment 3 Ypsilanti, MI, 48103
Email Address:
About Us
Small urban agriculture effort based in Ypsilanti, Michigan! We grow all our houseplants, food producing plants, and veggies right here in Ypsi, with no fertilizer, additives, or chemicals.

We expanded to carry plastic-free personal care and pet care items after a year spent trying to reduce personal plastic consumption. Follow us on instagram at Guiltlesspleasures_Ypsi to stay up to date on our market offerings, products, and other efforts to live plastic free!
We strive to source all components & ingredients locally, and use only plastic free, recyclable packaging for products we create.

All plants are grown and propagated right here in Ypsilanti.

Plants may be sold in reused plastic pots, which can then be recycled at your local Lowes!